I am Mark Paguay, a senior studying Computer Science at George Mason University. In high school, I took an intro to programming class as an elective and began working with Python turtle making simple visual designs. To my surprise, I found the class very interesting and decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science in college.

While I do spend much of my time consuming content online, I don’t have much of an online presence. I hope that this class will help me in learning how to build and protect my online personal brand.

After searching for myself on Google, the first things that popped up were my LinkedIn profile and my Facebook profile that I never use. Additionally, links to track results from when I ran track & field in high school showed up. When I use the Bing search engine the first two results remained the same, but I did notice that there was a link to my Medium account that did not show up in the Google results.

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